30th Anniversary Reunion

Alums gathered in 2004 for TV-10's 30th Anniversary. They interviewed each other during a special live show on Friday night during the reunion weekend.

Life-long Friends

TV-10 students often become life-long friends. Matt Zickus and Jeff Wagner worked together on the sports show The Lineup while in school.  Now Matt is with the NFL Network in Los Angeles and Jeff is a reporter at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.

Homecoming Parade

TV-10ers walk in the Homecoming Parade each year, with a mix of students and alums and families.

Coming Back

Former faculty come back to visit, like Production Director Rick Ricioppo, who enjoyed a Homecoming tailgate with his former student Brian Seay.

Big Ed

Ed Marcin is part of a group of "original" TV-10ers who give back regularly, with time, talent and treasure. 
Students help install a sign with TV-10s new logo.

Always Changing

TV-10 has gone through many logos and styles over the years. In 2008, students Jamie Peel, Chip Brewster and Maria Chandler helped with a major makeover.
Students help install a sign with TV-10s new logo.

Honoring a Founder

At the 35th reunion in 2009, TV-10's first News Director Jeff Hawkinson was an honored guest. He and his family interacted with students and faculty during the Saturday night event.